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The Bard is a Support class, focused on buffs. Like the Cleric, the bard does not attack monsters. Instead, having him target another member of the party provides an auto-buff, raising the target's attack and defence stats equal to Edwardo's "power" stat i.e. the more powerful his lute strings are the larger the buff. If you buff the ranger when he has the dog, the dog also receives the buff.

Characters: Edwardo

Weapons: Strings

Armor: Leather

Attack Speed: 2.8 sec

When target is selected the Bard will continuously buff (melee) the character attack and defensive stats (Numbers and source needed).


Level Choice 1 Choice 2
Basic skill

Song of Renewal

An invigorating song that instantly heals your target. (20 sec cooldown)


Song of Vigor

The Bard's soothing melodies replenish the party's health over time. (30 sec cooldown)

Song of Sanctuary

The entire party takes 25% less damage for 15 sec. after hearing this tune. (30 sec cooldown)



The power bonus granted to your target is increased by 50%. (Passive)


The armor bonus granted to your target is increased by 50%. (Passive)


Song of War

The Bard's music empowers the party, increasing their damage by 25% for 15 sec. (30 sec cooldown)

Song of Inspiration

The party is inspired in their darkest hour, resetting all of their cooldowns. (60 sec cooldown)


Healing Chords

Your healing songs are 25% more effective. (Passive)

Enduring Hope

The lingering effects of your songs are extended by 5 seconds. (Passive)



Your target's cooldowns refresh 20% faster while under the effects of your Lute. (Passive)



Your target's movement and attack/casting speeds are increased by 10%. (Passive)

Echo of Renewal

Song of Renewal now effects the entire party. (Passive)