Characters are divided into classes depending on their abilities. Some classes like the Cleric or Bard are just for healing other party members. Others, like the Knights and Barbarians are called "tanks" because they are the first to receive the enemies' attacks allowing them to defend the other team members. Some like the rogue are called "damage dealers" (the name tells) and focus on rapidly finishing battles. There are also some classes that are hybrids, combining some characteristics of the other classes such as; Heleth the Paladin (See right) and Feung the Monk.

There are several ranged classes; Archer, Witch and Wizards. All of which have useful abilities that can ultimately lead to success. Ranged members don't generally need much healing attention if a Knight or Paladin is in the group, but be sure to top up their health as they provide great deals of damage and support.

Note: The Archer and the Knight go very well together, creating an almost unstoppable team. The Misdirection ability learnt by the Archer at level 20 combines with Barrage to force all enemies on the field to attack the Knight (who is a tanker) allowing the Archer to pick of enemies one at a time while the Knight provides a constant onslaught.

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