I made my own D&D 5e version of Battleheart. You can follow this link and see.

It is pretty dangerous and the players may die, though it only gets really dangerous at chapter 4. I played a level 1 solo campaign with my friend and he survived, but he was playing a Goliath Barbarian- IE heavy damage reduction. I also have a link to a pretty bad map that I made that you could use.

None of this is complete as I am still playing the game myself, but as I play the game I will be updating this.

Finally I have a link the the stats of the monsters, but I am not sure how much I can put on there without getting in trouble with Wizards of the Coast, so it might not stay up here.

There will be some inconsistency with Battleheart and 5e D&D, but I am trying my best. The most that stick out to me right now is that I replaced every Cyclops with 4 goblin bosses, and I reapced the boss battle with a Cyclops. This is because Cyclops are more deadly in D&D than in Battleheart, and would kill the players. Also I made some of my own magic items. Instead of Periapt of Wound Closure, I have Ring of Wound Closure. The Elven Armlet of Defense is just the Bracers of Defense with Elven in front of it.

If you check out the Monster Stats page, you will see a list of weapons, if you go to the first link it tells you the loot you gain from it. Give the stronger monsters in that chapter the better loot, but I have already implanted most of that.

For some reason on the google docs my spell check isn't working, I get back to you on the spelling mistakes at a later date.