Equipment within Battleheart consists of 3 different kinds of items; weapons, armor and trinkets.

Each character must, at all times, wield a weapon appropriate for their class. However, armor and trinkets can be equipped at the player's choice.

Though only one random item is obtained at the completion of a level, the item's power may vary within its respective hidden tier level.

There are 9 tiers of item quality and, while tiers 1-7 may be obtained from normal levels, Tier 8 and Tier 9 items may solely be obtained through achieving significant scores in the Brightstone and Doomvale arenas. Tier 8 items can also be obtained from the game's Endboss, though only sometimes.

Drop Table

Tier Item Type Brightstone Arena Score Doomvale Arena Score Merchant Endboss
7 Trinkets <115 <50 x x
7 Weapons <115 <50 x x
7 Armor <115 <50 x x
8 Weapons 115-139 50-69 x
9 Weapons 140+ 70+
9 Armor 140+ 70+