Heleth, the Paladin.

The Paladin class is a mainly self-sufficient tanking class, but can also be used as a DPS. If Aura of Light and Divine Intervention are combined, the entire party becomes invunerable to damage for 10 seconds.

The paladin and ranger were added as part of a content update (1.5) to Battleheart on July 29, 2011. (iOS only, the Android version does not have this update yet)

Characters: Heleth

Weapons: Swords

Armor: Mail and Plate

When target is selected, Paladin will continuously attack (melee) the target.


Level Choice 1 Choice 2
Basic skill

Holy Word

A wave of soothing light seeks out and heals your most injured ally. (30 sec cooldown)



Imbues your sword with holy lightning for 10 sec., which chains to nearby foes. (30 sec cooldown)

Aura of Light

Converts all damage taken into healing instead for 10 seconds. (40 sec cooldown)



Increases the paladin's armor by 15%. (Passive)

Swift Justice

Both movement and attack speed are increased by 10%. (Passive)


Divine Intervention

Redirects all damage from the group to the paladin for 10 seconds. (30 sec cooldown)


A blast of divine fury knocks all enemies to the ground while healing the party. (30 sec cooldown)



Increases the paladin's maximum health by 20%. (Passive)

Power of the Word

The power of your healing abilities is increased by 20%. (Passive)



The Paladin now grants 25% of their own armor value to all of their allies. (Passive)


Word of Asylum

Your Holy Word ability also leaves a lingering shield, nullifying damage for 5 sec. (Passive)

Word of Retribution

Holy Word now strengthens its target, boosting their power by 50% for 10 seconds. (Passive)

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